Website design with outstanding quality and functionality

An effective website must found! Then deliver what your audiences require all in a click, if not they will simply go elsewhere. We’ll craft your website to include seamless integration of all the facilities and features you need to offer. Plus ensure easy intuitive navigability to keep your audiences on your site and make their experience as rewarding as possible. Whilst developing content and search engine optimisation strategies (SEO) to drive traffic.

We can handle all the technical requirements for your site or work alongside your in-house team. You can also update your own website information through Content Management Systems (CMS) facility.


Whatever your needs, we can tailor your site to include:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for you to be able to edit and update your website content yourself (click here to find out more about CMS)
  • e-commerce solutions to turn your site into a 24/7 ‘shop’
    Search Engine Optimisation to ensure best rankings so that audiences find you
  • Pay-Per-Click Management – a further way of ensuring front page search presence at a cost level of your own choice.
  • Email marketing – one of the most direct, immediate and effective ways of communicating news, special offers and other information to your customers.
  • iPhone & Mobile web design – especially vital for reaching younger audiences and professionals who use their mobile as their portable office!
    Online applications, including:
  • Google Maps location finders – another good way of getting front page search presence, plus important if you need customers to come to your location/s
  • Searchable databases – putting the latest data at your fingertips
  • Company intranets – secure, internal websites with staff-only access
  • Social networking applications – we can show you how social networking can be utilised to promote your business
  • Event registration systems – ensure your events get noticed by the right people (Plus we can advise you about many more applications to help optimise your website performance)

How incorporating a database can enable you to edit and update your website whenever you want

Traditional web pages are simply a collection of images and text files containing styling information and HTML. This can make maintaining and updating the information quite time-consuming.

Incorporating a database into your website can not only make this easier, but with a dynamic database driven website you need only design and maintain a handful of pages to deliver thousands of pages of dynamic content. It can also make the content highly searchable, more interactive and far more accessible to your end users.

If your site is likely to have frequently changing content (products, prices, news, articles, links etc), a database can help you manage these yourself quickly and more effectively. Typical examples are:

  • e-commerce websites with a range of products
  • content management with regular updates, categorisation etc
  • mapping applications, travel tools etc
  • forums and discussion groups
  • subscription services, newsletters etc. One thing to note – you will need someone with a reasonable level of programming and database knowledge to implement this. Plus, your hosting plan may need upgrading to handle the technical requirements. But the benefits of having a database driven website are many, giving you far greater flexibility and accessibility to your content as your future needs change and develop. It also provides a richer, more interactive user experience whilst, at the same time, reducing the usual support and maintenance costs associated with static websites.

Why not talk to us about whether a database driven website would be best suited to your needs? Call us on 01242 224360 or email us by clicking here.

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